Anna Bengtsson - Diploma

Issued by Employer Branding Academy

This diploma is awarded to Anna Bengtsson for successful completion of the Employer Branding Academy course for Novo Nordisk employees, in collaboration with Universum – a Global Leader in Employer Branding.

Anna Bengtsson is officially certified as a result of having passed the certification requirements which includes completing the course content and passing the final test upon completion.

The course consists of four modules encompassing both theoretical knowledge and data to understand the importance and role of employer branding for business success, as well as practical knowledge, resources and tools for how to effectively apply and activate Novo Nordisk’s employer branding strategy.

• Module 1: Why do companies – and specifically Novo Nordisk – need to be an attractive employer?
• Module 2: What is the EVP and how does it benefit Novo Nordisk?
• Module 3: What is Novo Nordisk’s EVP?
• Module 4: How can you use the Novo Nordisk EVP in your daily work?

The outcome of this training is to strengthen and equip the employee with everything they need in order to take strategic action in their role as HR, Communications and/or Talent Advisor at Novo Nordisk.

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