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Have you ever wondered how some employers always seem to attract the very best talent, even when they don’t pay more or have all the fancy perks? And how that talent stays for longer, and is highly engaged? ​ Employer Branding Academy is here to teach you the science and techniques behind being one of the most attractive employers, how to create and execute your employer brand, and how to demonstrate the clear ROI and advantages this brings you. Through taking our course you will learn the fundamentals of best-practice employer branding, the steps you need to take to build your own strategy, execution and how to measure results. You will also join an exclusive network of like-minded professionals from all over the world and carry with you one of the industry’s most in-demand skill sets.


Our entire course is open to you right away and includes an introduction video, four modules and a final case project, so you can plan your time and complete the course at whatever pace you wish. The timespan however differs depending on whether you take the course online from start to finish, or, if you attend the global format with the in-person kick-off and certification days. The global format spans about 9 weeks. Therefore, modules 1-2 can be completed during the first three weeks, and modules 3-4 during the following three weeks, giving time at the end to put together the final project. If taking the course fully online, we recommend setting a goal of reaching the Halfway Webinar at least 2 months in. The digital diplomas are distributed using TRUE - a service for secure digital documents. Click to view and verify a diploma.